Betaplast S.L is a company dedicated to plastic transformation by injection and thermoforming

It is founded in 1988 in Humanes de Madrid, due to a big professional vocation in the plastic transformation since more than 50 years.

Betaplast offers to its customers a lot of products intended for different markets:

Food market: Caps, trays, etc.

Cosmetic market: Trays for lotions.

Pharmaceutical market: Trays for ampoules and vials, inoculators…

Veterinarian market: Syringes.

Our company has as the most important goal, the customer satisfaction by;

-Carrying out all of quality specifications and offering prices that let them to compete in their markets.

-Understanding our customers targets to help them in complete solutions.

-Catering efficiently their programmed and urgent requests.

– Performing quickly due to any claim, carrying out corrective actions immediately.